Knock Out the Fat! 

For healthy delicious food you can’t go past the George Foreman range of electric grills. Reduce your fat intake! Use the George and watch the fats runaway unaided, whilst retaining full flavour and taste! So easy to clean and so simple to use!




Your favourite meals can now be prepared in no time at all so help knock out the fat from your diet and rediscover the incredible taste of healthy food.

  • Knock out the fat from your food.
  • Patented grooves and sloped grill – watch fats and oils runaway unaided!
  • Cooks from both sides so flavours and moisture is locked in.
  • Easy to clean – double coated non-stick surface.
  • Delicious char grill look to meat and vegetables.
  • Floating hinge accomodates various thicknesses of meat and vegetables.
  • Reduce your cooking time by half.
  • Energy efficient – internal thermostat keeps the grill at just the right cooking temperature without you needing to fiddle with dials or settings.
  • Perfect for the kitchen – splatter free without clouds of smoke – no special kitchen ventilation required.
  • Perfect for home, office, caravan, motorhome….
  • See George Foreman Grill Product Video HERE