How to make a French dip sandwich with au jus

How to make a French dip sandwich with au jus

If hearty, comfort food makes your heart sing, you have probably tried making a French dip sandwich to cure your cravings. The perfect sandwich for any taste, this delicious treat is easy to make, yet it tastes like it should take hours in the kitchen to whip up. But, did you know you can also use au jus as the complementary dipping sauce in this wholesome dish? If you love these tasty treats and you are looking for new ways to use au jus in your cooking, then this is the right place for you! Take a look below to find out how to make a French dip sandwich using au jus.


What is a French dip sandwich?


First things first, we must talk about what these delicious sandwiches are. French dip sandwiches are hot rolls or baguettes filled with thin slices of roast beef. Although this may sound similar to just a regular beef sandwich, the flavour sensation takes it to a whole new level with extra fillings such as Swiss cheese and onion, plus a side dip of beef broth or au jus made from the beef roasting process. So, if you are looking to up your sandwich game, a French dip sandwich is the new treat for you!


Pick the best bread


An easy way to improve your sandwich game is to pick the right bread for the job. When making a French dip sandwich, you can go for a roll or a baguette, but if you really want to embrace the French flavour, why not go for the most iconic French option? By picking up your bread fresh from the bakery on the day that you are going to make your sandwiches, you know that it will really make the hearty flavours stand out. Warm up the bread just a little bit before you prepare your sandwiches, so you get that deliciously fluffy, yet slightly crispy, texture to dip into the sauce!


Roast the beef

If you want to embrace the wholesome dish in its entirety, why not roast the beef yourself? Whether you are an online recipe whiz or you have family recipes lying around from many moons ago, you are bound to find the perfect roast beef recipe for your taste. As the beef is such an important part of the sandwich, it is important to pick a roast beef recipe that you are going to love so you can savour the experience.


Get your au jus right

The key part of these sandwiches is definitely the au jus dipping sauce, as it takes the meal to a whole new level of flavour. Because the dip is so important, you need to make sure you get your au jus just right, merging the delicious, hearty flavours with a smooth consistency, to complement your sandwiches. If you are not the most confident chef when it comes to making au jus, you can always buy fresh jus to make sure the flavour is just right!